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47% of buyers under 55 get help from family*

But the system isn’t set up for it – and those who don’t have access to cash gifts from family are still locked out.

We’re on a mission to create more homeowners by unlocking new and better ways to afford more.

*Legal & General survey, 2023

So we took JBSP and reinvented it

Say goodbye to the usual problems with JBSP and hello to an innovative, flexible solution that boosts affordability with family help. Plus, benefit from great rates and unbeatable service.

Gen HIncome booster
Typical JBSP and income booster
Boosts affordability
No stamp duty impact
Term not limited by booster's age
Up to 6 incomes on an application
Choice of booster equity participation
Tracking of who owns what
Support can come from non-family

Fast, responsive service

We instruct valuations as soon as you submit and get back to you same day with referrals to get you certainty sooner.

Decision in principle refers

Same day

Valuation instructed

On submission

Average application to offer (subject to valuation timescales)

Fully packaged cases

3 days

Where additional docs are required

7+ days

Accurate as of 18th July 2024. All times in working days.

Customer NPS
Broker NPS
Photo of BDMs

A team that's on your team

Our field BDMs and broker specialists provide unparalleled, hands-on support that’s unmatched by major lenders.

NPS scores accurate as of Q3 2023

Criteria without a catch

Loan to value
Loan to income
Experian Boost
We use Experian Boost in our credit decisioning

Top notch conveyancing with Gen H Legal

Help your clients complete faster and with less stress thanks to top-rated conveyancing from our independent conveyancer, Gen H Legal.

Plus, get a discounted interest rate when you bundle the mortgage and legal work together.