Criteria guide

Product switches

At the end of a fixed-rate period where there are no material changes to the mortgage, a product switch will be allowed without an affordability assessment.

Product switches are only available where there are no material changes to the loan. A full new remortgage application needs to be submitted if there are changes to term, changes to the customer group (including removing an income booster), or if additional borrowing is required.

The process to product switch an existing customer is quick and straightforward. To get started please log on to Gen H Pro and press 'product switch'. Additional documentation or assessment will not normally be required.

You should advise your client and help them to select a suitable new product. Details of current retention products are available via your sourcing system or on our website.

Customers in the following situations are not eligible for product switches:

  • Active consent to let
  • Renting a room to a lodger, except with our permission and where any conditions we impose continue to be met
  • Customers in arrears
  • In breach of our Terms & Conditions
  • Remaining mortgage term less than period of the new product
  • Mortgages offered under the Help to Buy scheme
  • Leasehold properties with less than 50 years left on the lease at the end of the mortgage term