Packaging & criteria

Deposit sources

The following types of deposit are acceptable:

  • Savings
  • Sale of property or equity release
  • Sale of shares or crypto currency
  • Inheritance
  • Gifted deposit from a family member (a family member is considered to be a close relation defined as a spouse, domestic partner, grandparent, parent, sibling, half sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, in-law relation or step relation)

Unsecured loans are not accepted as a deposit.

Where deposit funds are coming from overseas, further due diligence checks will be applied.

Where deposit funds are the product of crypto currency trading, please refer to the acting conveyancer for further guidance on acceptability.

Our deposit booster proposition allows friends or family to make a contribution to the deposit in the form of an equity loan or interest-free loan.

Visit the deposit booster page on our website for more information.