Packaging & criteria

New builds

New build developments are properties built or converted within the past 24 months.

Newly converted properties, completed by a professional and reputable development company, will be treated as new builds. Examples include offices converted into flats or a professional barn conversion.

We don’t accept stage payments on new build properties.

New build certificates

For any property built or converted within the last 10 years, one of the following certifications will be required:

  • National House-Building Council Buildmark Scheme (NHBC)
  • Zurich Municipal Newbuild Scheme
  • Zurich Municipal Rebuild Scheme
  • Premier Guarantee for Private and Completed Housing
  • Build Assure (FMB)
  • Building Life Plans Scheme
  • Buildzone
  • LABC Warranty
  • LABC Warranty Scheme
  • ICW Warranty Scheme
  • One Guarantee Warranty Scheme
  • Castle Ten/Checkmate
  • Global Home Warranties
  • Protek
  • Q Assure
  • Advantage HCI
  • Architect’s Certificate*

*The Professional Consultants used must have one or more of the qualifications listed in the CML Handbook 6.7.4 National.

New build valuations

Valuations can be assessed using the floorplan provided by the builder and the plot map. The market value is derived from that plus comparable property information. A reinspection may be required where:

There are significant changes from the floor plan reviewed by the valuer, The valuation is more than 180 days old and therefore expired, or It has been specified by the valuer within the original valuation report

The reinspection fee is £75.