Criteria guide

Proximity to commercial premises

We will only consider properties within a close proximity to commercial premises where:

  • The minimum valuation exceeds £100,000 outside London and the South East (LSE) and £150,000 inside LSE, and
  • The valuer’s comments are positive and recommend the property as suitable security

London and the South East includes areas I&J using the NUTS definition – see the Region section for more detail.

We will not consider these properties where any of the following factors apply:

  • Where the valuer deems the property to be unsuitable on the grounds of noise, smell or danger to health and safety,
  • Where the valuer advises the location of the property is likely to attract antisocial behaviour,
  • Where the valuer cannot recommend the security and believes the location materially impacts future saleability, or
  • Where a property is in close proximity to or within influencing distance of food outlets, public houses, nightclubs, licenced premises, takeaways, shops selling perishable foodstuffs, petrol stations and large or predominantly industrial locations.