Criteria guide

Foreign nationals

Foreign nationals are UK residents who have a visa which entitles them to live and work in the UK.

Where a foreign nationals’ income is used for affordability:

  • We lend up to 90% LTV
  • The foreign national must have 2 years’ UK credit history as evidenced by the start date of their oldest account as shown on Experian
  • All applicants must meet our minimum income and credit score requirements

If a foreign national’s income is not used for affordability, no additional LTV restrictions apply subject to affordability, and we will not require them to have 2 years’ UK credit history.

There's no requirement for time remaining on the visa, it just needs to be valid when you submit the application.

Document requirements

Leave to remain in the UK and all visas must be evidenced by a stamp in the applicant’s passport or a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

Where an applicant has EU Settled or Pre-Settled status, we’ll require the applicant's share code or their BRP as proof of their immigration status.

Where any of the above documentation cannot be provided, we require a Home Office letter to verify the applicant's current residential status.

Applicants with

  • British or Irish citizenship,
  • EU settled or pre-settled status,
  • Indefinite leave to remain, or
  • A family visa, where applying in joint names with an applicant with permanent right to reside,

Are not considered foreign nationals.